BeKrakow company is a solution for people who value their independence and comfort. We organize international transfers to many European cities. Among our services you can find a transfer from Krakow to Ostrava. Transportation is not just our specialization, it is also our passion. We want to meet the high demands and expectations of our customers who really care about choosing the best way to get to Ostrava. Book a taxi and see for yourself that we are true professionals in what we do. At the arranged meeting place you will be picked up by our luxury chauffeur, then you can make a trip from Krakow to Ostrava. We work in the door-to-door system, and it means that our taxi will drop you at your desired travel destination, allowing you to save your time by not having to worry about how to get to Krakow from Ostrava.

Ostrava is a city located in the Czech Republic – at the border of Opava Silesia, Moravia and  Cieszyński Silesia, at the northern entrance of the Moravian Gate, at the mouth of two rivers which flow onto the Oder: Ostravice and Opava. If you choose our private transfer from Krakow to Ostrava, our mutual journey will run from Krakow, through Katowice to Ostrava. Using our professional car service you do not have to worry about how to get from Krakow is Ostrava – we will take care of everything. In the table on the left you can see the transfer price, which applies to private taxi from Ostrava to Krakow.

Transfer directly from Krakow airport

Exclusively for our customers getting from Krakow airport to Ostrava is now possible. If you wish, our private taxi journey from Krakow is Ostrava will start immediately after picking you up directly from the airport.

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Find the answers to the most frequenstly asked questions below:

What is the distance from Krakow to Ostrava?

Distance from Krakow airport to Ostrava is 180km. In cases of various and unforeseen obstacles in the way we choose alternative routes.

How long is transfer time?

Drive from Ostrava to Krakow usually takes around 2h. We would like to note that the transfer time can undergo changes due to possible delays (traffic jams, road workings or other impediments).

How much transfer cost?

In the table on the left you can find the total cost of taxi. The cost includes: fuel costs, taxi fare, insurance, parking fees, private car, driver, pick up and drop off.

Places worth a visit during trip from Krakow to Ostrava

In the course of traveling by our private taxi from Krakow to Ostrava we recommend visiting Auschwitz.


Auschwitz is one of the most frequently visited places in Poland. It was there, in 1940, where the largest in the history of the Nazi concentration camp was founded. Auschwitz, for many people, has remained a symbol of the greatest atrocities of the twentieth century. You can read more about Auschwitz here.

Extra charge for stop: 200 pln
Visit duration: 3,5 hours
Guide service not included

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