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BeKrakow company encourages everyone to cooperate within the private transportation service. We have been dealing with transportation for several years and what sets us apart from other such companies are professionalism, experience, and luxury vehicles. We organize all sorts of international transfers, among which it is worth to distinguish the transfer from Krakow to Dresden. Did you know what distinguishes traveling by our private taxi from traveling by train, plane or bus? First of all, our transfer price is much more attractive. We operate in accordance with the door-to-door system, and so our luxury chauffeur will pick you up at any place of your choosing (for example, at the Krakow airport) and then a taxi can drop you anywhere you want. Every time we make every effort to ensure that our customers are satisfied with our car service. Choose the best way to get to Krakow from Dresden – choose BeKrakow!

Dresden is a city located in the eastern part of Germany, by the river Elbe. Dresden maintains the functions of the main cultural and economic center of Saxony. By  choosing BeKrakow services you do not need to worry about how to go from Krakow is Dresden anymore – we will take care of everything. Our private taxi from Krakow is Dresden runs through the following towns: we depart from Krakow, going through Katowice and Wroclaw, and then head towards Dresden. If you are interested about the cost of the taxi – check out the information in the table on the left.

Transfer directly from Krakow airport

We provide our clients with the opportunity to commence our transfer from Krakow to Dresden at the Krakow airport. Are you arriving in Krakow and do not want to waste your precious time? With us, getting from Krakow to Dresden cannot get any easier. Feel invited to take advantage of our offer – book a taxi right now!

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Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below:

What is the distance from Krakow to Dresden?

Distance from Krakow airport to Dresden is 500km. If you value your independence, though you don’t know how to get to Dresden from Krakow – contact us and we’ll take care of the whole trip organisation on your behalf right away.

How long is transfer time?

Drive from Dresden to Krakow usually takes around 6h. Because of possible obstacles on the route (ie. Traffic jams, road works, etc.) the transfer time can be changed, as we will keep you notified. In the event of any difficulties on the road we will establish alternative routes or detours.

How much transfer cost?

The total cost of our private taxi from Frankfurt to Dresden can be found in the table on the left. the amounts given in the table already include all charges, including gas, cost of taxi, baggage service, air conditioning and insurance.

Places worth a visit during trip from Krakow to Dresden

Would you like to see something interesting as well during your trip by our taxi from Kraków to Dresden? We recommend to stop and sightsee the following two places: Auschwitz and Wrocław.


Auschwitz is a place worth visiting. Everyone should go there in order to reflect on the cruel history. In 1940, it is there where  the world’s largest German Nazi concentration and extermination camp was built. Today it remains a symbol of terror, genocide, and unimaginable cruelty. Each year Auschwitz is visited by over a million people. You can read more about Auschwitz camp here.

Extra charge for stop: 200 pln
Visit duration: 3,5 hours
Guide service not included


Wroclaw is one of the most beautiful and at the same time the oldest cities in Poland. Thanks to its characteristic landscapes downtown, Wroclaw is often called the “Polish Venice”. The city has focused on culture and education. It is known for its turbulent and very rich history, as evidenced by numerous monuments, for example the Cathedral Island and the Wrocław City Hall. The city makes huge impresion by its climate and makes you want to go back there again.

Extra charge for stop: 200 pln
Visit duration: 2 hours
Guide service not included

Book private taxi from Dresden to Krakow

BeKrakow to dla Ciebie the best way to get to Dresden. We invite you to book your trip with us – either via telephone or e-mail.

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