BeKrakow is an experienced and modern company dealing with the international transfers. In our offer we include, inter alia, the transfer from Krakow to Munich. If you are interested in professional transportation, book a taxi now without hesitation. BeKrakow is a much better solution than a traditional trip by plane or train. Choosing our transfer to Munich from Krakow you gain independence, full comfort and, in addition, you will save time and money. Wondering what our car service looks like? Our luxury chauffeur picks you anywhere – it can be the Krakow airport, and then provides a safe and peaceful journey. Taxi drop is to be determined – tell us where you want to reach, and we’ll take you there. With us, you can be sure that you choose the best way to get form Krakow to Munich.

Munich is the richest German city and the capital of Bavaria. It is located in the Bavarian highlands by the river Isar. If you opt for private transfer from Krakow to Munich, your journey will be as follows: Krakow, Katowice, Olomouc, Brno, Linz, Rosenheim, Munich. In the table on the left you can see what the transfer price for a private taxi from Krakow to Munich is.

Transfer directly from Krakow airport

Taking care of our clients, we provide the opportunity to commence the transfer to Munich from Krakow directly at the Krakow airport. Are you arrivng by plane to Krakow and do not know how to get from Krakow to Munich? The answer is “BeKrakow”! Take advantage of our services and see that traveling from Krakow airport to Munich with us is  nothing more than pure pleasure.

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Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions below:

What is the distance from Krakow to Monachium?

Distance from Krakow airport to Monachium is 940km. Traveling by a private taxi from Krakow to Munich it can happen that the route will be obstacled in the form of traffic jams, renovations, etc. In such a situation we can determine alternative routes or detours.

How long is transfer time?

Drive from Monachium to Krakow usually takes around 9h. Transfer time can undergo changes due to rush hours or other impediments on the road (eg. Repair works).

How much transfer cost?

Information about the total cost of taxi is available in the table on the left. The price includes: modern car, taxi fare, driver, fuel costs, insurance, parking fees, pick up, drop off.

Places worth a visit during trip from Krakow to Monachium

Would you like to see something interesting as well during your trip by our taxi from Kraków to Munich? We recommend to stop and visit Auschwitz.


Auschwitz is a place worth visiting. Everyone should go there in order to reflect on the cruel history. In 1940, it is there where  the world’s largest German Nazi concentration and extermination camp was built. Today it remains a symbol of terror, genocide, and unimaginable cruelty. Each year Auschwitz is visited by over a million people. You can read more about Auschwitz camp here.

Extra charge for stop: 200 pln
Visit duration: 3,5 hours
Guide service not included

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Do you value comfort, saving your time, and also looking for the best way to get from Krakow to Munich? Choose the BeKrakow service. With us you are guaranteed a safe and comfortable journey. Feel free to contact us via telephone or e-mail – book a taxi now.

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