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* prices in PLN, per run for whole group The capital of the Podkarpackie Province, is Rzeszów which is a dynamically and economically developing in terms of tourism city in Poland. It is located in south-eastern Poland. There are two Universities – Rzeszów University of Technology , Rzeszow University and several private schools. The city is the European center of United Technologies Corporation. In Rzeszów there are factories producing household appliances, food products, clothing, furniture and construction industry. The aviation industry is well developed. Besides, in Rzeszow you have many beautiful monuments, for example: Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Rzeszow Castle.

Getting from Rzeszow airport to Krakow for business or tourism you can take advantage of the private taxi service, which is provided on this route by BeKrakow. Our reputation makes it worth to rely on the expertise and experience of the drivers employed. The car service in BeKrakow is provided with attention to even the smallest details. All orders are treated individually, therefore we ensure complete satisfaction with the high quality of transport industry services for our clients.

We can arrange a transfer from Rzeszow airport to Krakow and return. Our luxury chauffeur will be waiting for the customer at the terminal at the airport in Rzeszów and taxi drop you to the address indicated in Krakow. There is no need to worry about purchasing additional tickets for a train or bus, and to stand in queues at railway stations and bus stops, or having to put up with crowds in the mass transport. With our help, you will find a best way to go to Krakow from Rzeszow airport!

Book your private transfer from Rzeszow airport to Krakow and secure yourself a convenient transport on the selected route. We provide both national and international services. Would you like to know more about our activities and car service? You can book a private taxi for yourself, your employees, customers and business partners. We look forward to your message!

Transfer directly from Rzeszow airport

Our luxury chauffeur can pick up our customers directly from Rzeszow airport and then take them with the luggage to your destination in Krakow. Our taxi can take you wherever you want. You can travel with greater comfort during the route from Rzeszow airport to Krakow and return. Just one phone call and we will book you a transfer from Cracow to Rzeszow airport.

Want to know more about the services of private transfer from Kraków to Rzeszow airport? We remain at your disposal by phone and e-mail address.

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Below answers to common questions

What is the distance from Rzeszow airport to Cracow?

Distance from Rzeszow airport to Krakow is 170 km. The route runs through the A4 motorway, so the destination can be reached in a very short time. You will travel in comfort, if you decide to take transfer from Rzeszow airport to Krakow and return with our company BeKrakow.

How long is transfer time?

If you want to drive the distance from Krakow to Rzeszow airport in a short time, use the services of car service company BeKrakow. Transfer time is only 2 hours. The only obstacles that can extend the period are traffic jams, road works or other constraints that do not allow to drive at optimum speed.

How much transfer cost?

The table on the left you can see the total cost of a taxi from Cracow to Rzeszow airport. This amount is the total cost of the private service transfer to the indicated route and includes: taxi fare, the cost of gasoline, air conditioning, insurance and comprehensive service luggage.

Book taxi from Krakow to Rzeszow Airport

By providing car service, you can always reach the desired location in a short time and in the most comfortable conditions. If you do not know how to get to Krakow from Rzeszow airport, you can book a transfer at BeKrakow!

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